Project Updates – February 2011





Construction is progressing on ~13,000 SF of high-end restaurants in Southern California. The project is in collaboration with Curtis Architecture (CA), Phoenix, AZ who is the Architect of record.

This was the first project of this type for ADMG and has proved to be quite the adventure.  Without a pre-defined program or prototype of any sort, ADMG and CA faced the challenge of not only designing two functional and operationally efficient spaces, but also, working with the owner to establish an identity for the restaurant brandings in order to hopefully bring the operations into competition on a National scale. Not to mention the fact that two separate, and very different restaurants types (sports bar and Mexican cuisine), are to occupy the same space under one roof made the endeavor all the more challenging in terms of programming, aesthetic considerations, infrastructure, and site/interior circulation.

One of the most challenging aspects of this project lies in the fact that it is a build out of an already existing, but empty, retail shell building which was already demised into several tenant spaces.  The constraints of the building footprint and infrastructure already being in place meant that the program was made to fit within the existing conditions ,while at the same time, providing for the owner’s operational and aesthetic wishes in totality.  This posed many structural and MPE challenges which through careful planning and coordination were resolved.

The project is slated to open late spring 2010.

Please check back for more update as we post them as they become available. Thank you!


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